Xiaomi Mi Zoom Selfie Stick for limited budgets

We already have the Xiaomi selfie stick come true. Xiaomi sells a wide variety of products in addition to smartphones. It is also one of the old companies known for selfie sticks. In fact, the firm has still been releasing new versions from time to time. Therefore, we are not surprised to learn that on March 24 a new model called My Zoom Selfie Stick will be financed by crowdfunding.

Xiaomi’s selfie stick, the Zoom Selfie Stick

The new Xiaomi Mi Zoom Selfie Stick comes in a single option in black. It is priced at about $ 15, however, the company he was raising funds for just 79 yen ($ 12) on March 24 at 10 am on Mi.com China.

As the name suggests, this selfie stick from Xiaomi comes with zoom functionality. In simpler words, it has a button that allows users to zoom in and out of the image. It also allows users to switch between the front and rear camera with a single click. Cool no? a good gadget for these times and from the hand of Xiaomi.

In the video you can see the main functions of this Xiaomi selfie stick and if you know Chinese, you will even know what it says on the model’s mobile phone.

Xiaomi selfie stick as a tripod

Lastly, the Mi Zoom Selfie Stick can also be used as a tripod. Therefore, this product is like a Swiss knife, with multiple tools for creators. Plus, for the retail price of just $ 15, the newest selfie stick from Xiaomi it’s probably cheaper than most of the options available on the market, with a similar set of features.

It is already on sale in the main Chinese online stores such as Aliexpress, gearbest or Banggodd at a price of 13.63 euros.

What do you think about the Xiaomi Mi Zoom Selfie Stick? Do you think the company should take it to global markets? Leave us your opinion in the comment section below.

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