Video game developers concerned about the rise of subscription services

We cannot deny that we live in the age of subscription services. What if Netflix, Spotify, Amazon … not a little money that a user can spend at the end of the month. Interestingly we talked about this a few weeks ago in our weekly podcast Connecting and we finally realized that we are subscribed to many services that we don’t really need.


To all this we must add the new platforms that have arrived such as Google Stadia, Game Pass Xbox, Apple Arcade or GeForce Now. Subscription services for the most gamers that allow us to enjoy great titles paying very little money and that despite being quite popular among users, they are giving more than a headache to the developers.

Video game developers are concerned about the rise of subscription services

NVidia GeForce Now

We read it in the digital environment Business Insider and it is that we cannot deny that industries like the cinema or the videojuegos they move unstoppably towards subscription services. This allows users to pay a specific price and enjoy endless content.

Now, what is in principle a blessing for the consumer seems not so much for developers and executives. In the case of video games it is obvious,Why pay 60 euros for a video game if paying 10 euros for a subscription service I can play it with hundreds of other titles?

The developers claim that such new policies ended traditional video game sales which also means less profit for creators. Moreover, a developer who wanted to remain anonymous, told Business Insider directly that while from the beginning content platforms need video game companies to attract customers, once they become popular they are no longer needed.

And the worst comes later, because if a consumer is already paying for a subscription service they will not pay for a video game, so the developer is left without being within the platform and without being able to sell their titles in the traditional way. Of course all this that in principle happens on desktop consoles and computers is already happening with platforms like Apple Arcade and we have no doubt that it also ends in Google Stadia and Android.

Either way, the developers recognize that times change and have to adapt to them. They state that they simply have to make sure to make a profit otherwise. It definitely doesn’t rain to everyone’s liking. While we as end consumers are thrilled to be able to enjoy both video game – and movie – thanks to these subscription services, content creators seem to have to adapt to the middle … or disappear.

And you, do you prefer to buy the traditional way or do you prefer to pay for a subscription service?

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