Usario created an accessory with Lego pieces to play with his mobile

This user has created an accessory to play with his mobile quite cheap as it is made exclusively from lego pieces. What an imagination!

Mobile video games have grown in both quality and complexity. Gone are the days of Candy Crush and Angry Birds, but now lead titles where precision in control is essential. For example Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Grimvalor, two metroidvania that although they are perfectly designed to play with the touch screen, they are enjoyed much more with a command.

There are many drivers to enjoy on an Android and iOS phone, just those on PlayStation or Xbox are perfect for that. However to enjoy even more the experience of playing on a mobile phone, in addition to the remote control and the phone obviously, we will need an accessory to attach the above items. Also colloquially called “harp”, a user has created his particular version of this accessory and the result is amazing. What’s so special about it? Having used Lego pieces.

This accessory made with Lego pieces is the best we will see today

Lego parts control stand

This user has created a stand for your control with Lego pieces, saving a few dollars along the way

The Reddit user Mr_Bananas5 has created this fun accessory for your Android phone with which to in principle enjoy your subscription to Google Stadia. To do this he has collected Lego pieces left over from home and has created a harp with which to connect the Stadia remote to your Android deviceWhile we assume that the idea will work with any other market controller and that it is compatible with mobile phones.

Google has official support for its Stadia remote, although this user will be able to enjoy their favorite video game platform without having to spend a few extra dollars. For its creation it has needed several pieces of Lego and although it recognizes that it is something fragile, it hopes to be able to improve it adding some reinforcements in next versions. No doubt this Lego support has created a great sensation in the Google Stadia community.

Remember that Google recently lowered the official price of Stadia permanently to 99 euros, a pretty interesting price if you like streaming video games such as Gylt, a horror title exclusive to the Google platform that deals with the bullying and how it affects minors developed by the Spanish studio Tequila Works and which is definitely worth a try.

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