Unlock bootloader on HTC Nexus 9

One of the processes that we must follow before modifying the new tablet Htc nexus 9 it’s that of unlock bootloader.

The bootloader is a small but crucial program that will determine the startup of your Android device.

The bootloader is required for booting or booting the Android operating system is completed correctly and that once unlocked it will even allow you to modify or replace the entire OS.

To perform this process, we must have several requirements before unlocking, these are listed below, all of them are essential unless stated otherwise.

Requirements to unlock bootloader on HTC Nexus 9

To unlock HTC Nexus 9 bootloader, the requirements are:

  • Download ADB drivers from this link
  • Download the rooting package from this link
  • Charge your phone for at least up to 80% of total battery
  • Activate the option usb debugging from settings> Developer options, if you can’t find this section, use this tutorial to activate it

Once you have completed these steps, you can start the unlocking process in the next section.

Unlock the bootloader on the HTC Nexus 9

Here are the steps to unlock the bootloader of your HTC Nexus 9:

  • Extract the two downloaded files, put them in a folder together
  • Right click on the white area inside said folder while pressing the Shift key, when you do, you will see a context menu, click “Open the command window here
  • In the command window, enter the following command:

adb reboot bootloader

  • Your phone will restart showing a different menu
  • Use the volume buttons to move up to USB FASTBOOT and press the Stop button to select this option
  • Now go back to your PC and write the following in the command window:

OEM Fastboot Unlock

  • Once you press enter, you will see a confirmation window on your mobile, accept it and the unlock process will begin

Your phone will complete the process and here you have two options, start with the Android rooting process or press the power button for several seconds and the phone will restart.

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