This 100% cool emulator lets you play the legendary N-Gage on your current Android phone

Now you can play the legendary N-Gage on your Android smartphone.

While to this day smartphones are one of the most interesting platforms to enjoy video games -for the quantity / quality of titles that exist and for their convenience-, years ago this was not the case.

Nokia wanted to change that and that’s why it introduced the legendary N-Gage, a mobile phone that not only allows us to call and send text messages, offered the chance to enjoy great video games. Whether it was because the execution of this idea was disastrous or simply because the market was not prepared for it, the reality of the N-Cage is that it was a total and utter failure.

Getting an N-Gage today is tricky though thankfully we can install on our new phones this 100% legal emulator that will allow us to enjoy their best titles. To enjoy!

Download this N-Gage emulator for your Android smartphone

Nokia N-Gage

A phone that was also a console or a console that was also a phone?

We can currently enjoy great video games on our devices and is that companies like Nintendo, Square Enix or even Microsoft have realized the potential of these devices. Even Sony is thinking of bringing some of its best PlayStation games to mobile phones.

But years ago it was not like that and is that mobile terminals were not seen to enjoy this activity. As we said before, Nokia wanted to change that with its N-Gage but it was a resounding failure.

Now, an emulator called EKA2L1 has appeared in the Google app store and allows us to run N-Gage titles on any current Android smartphone. Users who have tried it claim that it supports virtually every title on this mobile console such as Red Faction, Call of Duty or Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

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The downside is that setting up that emulator is a little trickier than that the other emulators that are available in the Play Store so if in doubt it is best to go to the official developer website.

Its creator has also confirmed that compatibility with N-Gage 2.0 is in the process, Which will allow us to enjoy great works such as Age of Empires, Metal Gear Solid or Tomb Raider.

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