These are the top 5 mobile viking games

If you like Norse mythology or are a fan of the Vikings TV series, don’t miss the opportunity to try these Viking games for Android.

Norse mythology is in vogue, and especially everything related to the Vikings, which is due in large part to its success. the Vikings series on different streaming platforms. Even Netflix is ​​preparing one spin-off of the History Chanel series, which will be called Vikings: Valhalla and that it could be starring a mysterious character. However, the Viking world has also invaded other territories, such as mobile games.

If you have an Android or iOS device, these are the five best viking games which you can enjoy on your smartphone. The selection includes well-known and lesser-known titles, but you should try it if you’re a fan of Nordic world and of its whole history. You can even watch a game based on a successful DreamWorks animation saga.

SpongeBob as a Viking

SpongeBob dressed as a viking in one episode.

The top five mobile viking games

The Banner Saga 1 and 2

The Banner Saga is a popular one video game for Viking-themed turns developed by Stoic, a trio of former BioWare employees. In this saga, which also has its second installment available for download on mobile devices, players embark on a solo campaign that gives the opportunity to manage a group of nomads and face various enemies in strategic battles. . In addition, it also has one way free-to-play called Factions and it does in multiplayer mode. Of course, both the first and second game are priced at 10.99 euros.

Dragons: The resurgence of Mema

Dragons: The Resurgence of Mema is a game based on the saga As a trainer to your dragon by DreamWorks. A title of dragons and Vikings in which players must Rescue, raise and train your favorite dragons of this film franchise while exploring unknown lands in a wide world. They must also complete a series of missions and release legendary dragons in order to bring their power to Mema. This time the game can be downloaded for free, although it includes purchases in game.

Trolls vs Vikings

If you’re a fan of the Vikings, you can’t pass up the chance to try Trolls vs Vikings, A tower strategy and defense title – similar to Plants vs Zombies – that is set in Norse mythology. Players must explore an amazing and lush fantasy world in which it takes place an epic battle between Trolls, Vikings and Norse Gods. A title that can also be downloaded completely free.

Bad North

Bad North is a strategy video game with real-time roguelite mechanics which features minimalist design. In this play the players must defend their idyllic island kingdom against a horde of invading Vikings while leading the exodus of their people. They must also direct their loyal subjects to take advantage of the geographical tactical advantage of each island and dodge Nordic raids at the same time gathering the greatest number of resources to move on to the next battle. Bad North is priced at 5.99 euros.

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