The simultaneous oral translator for Android arrives with Google

Well, you already have the fruit of that work on your Android device. If you have installed the Google Translate app not only can you translate texts doing Photographs to these, as could already be done for months, but now you can to converse with other people who don’t understand your language using you phone or Tablet as a translator simultaneous. What sounds good?

The Word Lens function

For months now, the Google Translate Application has been able to translate a text that we take a picture of with our Android device.

As you surely know, all you have to do is open the application, photograph the area to be translated and then point with your finger, on the screen, those words that the application has been able to understand.

Logically, the tool is capable of identifying better characters written on a computer or typewriter than manually.

It is a system that uses the OCR technology (optical recognition of scanners) with the Google translation engine, so that we can instantly have a text translated into our language. The application currently allows the translation to 36 languages different, the most talked about on the planet.

And for this it is not necessary to have a data connection at that time, but we can use the application without an Internet connection.

The simultaneous oral translator arrives

But Google has gone one step further. The American company has been able to develop its application to get two people to understand each other speaking a different language in real time.

If a few weeks ago Skype Translator released a tool for simultaneous translation (English-Spanish) by videoconference, Google has achieved it in real time and for 36 languages.

To do this, just open the application, choose the source and target language, press the microphone and dictate the phrase. In seconds Google translates the speech, listening to the original words in the other language.

If you try it, we advise you to speak calmly and pronouncing as correctly as possible, logically Google does not work miracles and if we speak very fast or do not use a logical grammar, it can make incorrect translations.

But the advance is enormous. Moreover, if we are in a hurry, the application is able to recognize the source language instantly, without having to select it.

What do you think of this new Google Translate feature? You’ve tried? If so, we would like you to leave us your assessment and experience with it. You can do it at the bottom of this news or in our Android Applications Forum.

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