The PlayStation mobile app is renewed ahead of the arrival of the PS5

The arrival of the new generation of consoles is in full swing and all the gear that makes them must be adapted for the occasion. The same thing happens with the PlayStation mobile app, which has received a visible face wash embellishing for the big day.

In this new update of the a app for Sony consoles (will work for PS4 and PS5) we see at a glance several notable changes such as a new interface design, direct connection to the PS Store, the built – in messaging feature or the voice chat support.

playstation 5 mobile app

This is how the interface of the new PlayStation app looks.

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Make the app a meeting point for players

The creation of the PlayStation app has always been meant to be a continuation of the console, a point at which players could enjoy their games even if it was via smartphone and not with the DualShock (henceforth DualSense).

Also, another purpose of the app for Sony is to be one community meeting point, and this is where it has had the most impact with this update. the voice chat with up to 15 participants is a very good proof of this, but also the integration of messages, the stubbornness to do the more fluid experience and a more attractive design. We see it in the following image.

new playstation app

This is how the different screens look in the new PlayStation app.

Other news that come with this update are the possibility of remote and integrated downloads, available for both PS4 and PS5, 1 feed with official news about PlayStation and developers or the possibility of send messages to our friends.

You will also be able to enjoy an exclusive feature for PS5, which is the possibility of remotely turn on the console, manage your storage and connection quickly from the app.

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