The new Kingdom Hearts mobile game is delayed, so what else?

I won’t deny that I love video games. Whether it’s on a desktop console like the PS4, a laptop like the Nintendo Switch, a computer and even mobile devices. I like video games and I absolutely don’t care what platform I play them on.

And there’s one genre I like above any other, RPGs. To give an example I am a huge fan of the Final Fantasy saga the latest game, Final Fantasy VII Remake has seemed to me the best of the generation. Although okay, I basically like pretty much anything the Japanese company Square Enix does like Dragon Quest or Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts

And I want to talk about this last title. Because the popular saga created by Tetsuya Nomura and which at first was a story where Disney and Final Fantasy characters coexisted, has become something that to understand it you need to study a master’s degree and do a doctorate. Alternative dimensions, time travel and many inconsistencies in almost twenty games spread across different consoles from Sony, Nintendo and even mobile. Because yes, Kingdom Hearts has a mobile game where vital events are narrated to understand the origin of the saga. A game called KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Crossthatmanyusershaveabandonedbecauseofaveryabusivemicrotransactionpolicy[Crossiquemoltsusuarishanabandonatperculpad’unapolíticademicrotransaccionesmoltabusiva[Crossyquemuchosusuarioshanabandonadoporculpadeunapolíticademicrotransaccionesmuyabusiva.

Worst of all, Square Enix recently announced another Kingdom Hearts game called Dark Road for mobile that would tell the story of one of the main villains in the saga and that in principle would be ready for this spring. However the company has announced that for obvious reasons the game will not be ready and will be delayed indefinitely. The thing is, it doesn’t seem to have mattered to anyone, not even the most die-hard fans of the saga.

The new Kingdom Hearts mobile game is delayed and really is the same

The Square Enix with mobile games gives to write long and had. The ideas of the Japanese company are really good, here are examples like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Final Fantasy War of the Visions or the Kingdom Hearts Union Cross itself, but its execution is lousy. When you put together sagas with millions of fans around the world with a mind-blowing story and such an absurd microtransaction policy in the end you get to end the patience of the fans.

And in the end it happens that titles like the future Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, the new free game that would arrive for mobile phones and the “hype” today is on the floor. After the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, the Japanese company promised us more content from Sora, Donald, Goofy and their friends which we initially loved. The result was a DLC that has been really embarrassing and a new mobile game that looks like a Union Cross V2. The announcement of the delay of this title has been announced by the game’s official Twitter account and the truth is that it seems that not many people care.

Because of microtransaction policies or “pay to win”, many consumers see mobile games as a negative thing for the industry when really this should not be the case. Both Android and iOS have great payment titles that are well worth it and that are a really pleasure. The point is that developers find it much more profitable to play free games with a multitude of paid content than to launch a title in which a single disbursement is required. even though that means prostituting sagas with millions of fans.

Either way in June we will know more about the new Kingdom Hearts game although honestly to me it does.

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