The best games similar to Animal Crossing for Android

If there’s one game that has “cracked” you during the confinement of COVID-19 it’s the new one Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch. A very relaxing game in which the goal is to collect materials, build your own island, and connect with your neighbors.

Unfortunately not everyone has a Nintendo Switch with which to enjoy this little gem but luckily virtually everyone who is reading this article has an Android device in hand. So,why not list the games we can find on the Play Store and which are very similar to Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

We obviously start with the official Android version of Animal Crossing itself. A free title (with quite a few microtransactions) that despite not being as complete as its big brother for Nintendo’s hybrid console, will give us plenty of hours of fun. It is certainly the closest experience we will have of Animal Crossing on a mobile phone so if you are a fan of the series, do not regret it.


What is possibly one of the most revolutionary games in history also has its own version for Android. We agree, Minecraft is not exactly like Animal Crossing but they have quite a few things in common. We do not have this aura of relaxation that surrounds the Nintendo title but we have a collection of materials and above all a lot but a lot of construction. The limit? Our imagination.

Stardew Valley

While at Animal Crossing we talk to our animal neighbors and build relationships with them, our goal in Stardew Valley will be to raise them. We are the new owners of an abandoned farm and our duty will be to rebuild, Cultivate, raise animals and establish relationships with our neighbors … humans.

One of the most award-winning games of recent years and that offers us hours and hours of addictive fun.

Do not starve: Pocket Edition

Like an egg in a chestnut. This is what Do not starve and Animal Crossing look like. While the Nintendo game is a cheerful, colorful, and family-friendly title, Don’t Starve is just the opposite. Now, as with Minecraft, in Do not starve we must also collect materials as our mission is to survive on a mysterious island full of dangers and strange creatures. So we accepted pop as a pet.

The game soon became a phenomenon on PC and its Android version but not so complete, still equally recommendable.

As you can see in Android we have a large catalog of games “similar” to Animal Crossing. Android is a great platform to enjoy our favorite hobby and is that we can find games of all kinds and for all tastes, such as RPGs, cars, fights, titles that we could enjoy on the legendary PlayStation 2 and more. Too bad these amazing metroidvania are not yet available on Google’s operating system.

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