The 9 best apps for sending money abroad

Sending money abroad is much faster and easier if you use one of these apps.

You may have needed it on occasion send money via mobile. And the truth is that, thanks to the emergence of platforms like Bizum, this process is increasingly simple and reliable.

Although things change if what you want is send money abroad, Either to make a payment or donation to a family member or friend living in another country, or simply to pay for a service or project that requires a international transfer. In this case, it is necessary to resort to apps to send money internationally offering fast and reliable solutions.

Therefore, in this article we want to select the best options which exist if you want to send money abroad. Totally secure, reliable, fast and, above all, available on your mobile.

Alipay, a platform to send money abroad

Alipay allows you to send money reliably and quickly.

What is Bizum, what banks have it and how to use it with your mobile

Top applications for transferring money abroad


One of the best international money sending apps that you can use on your mobile is TransferWise.

With it, you can transfer money to accounts abroad, in 28 different currencies and in one way fast, reliable and easy.

The app uses the real exchange rates so it assures us that we are sending exactly the money we want to transfer. In addition, their transfers are cheaper than those offered by most banks.


probably, the most popular money sending platform which exists in much of the world. with PayPal can send money to people in any country, as long as they have an account in this service.

Payments and transfers made through PayPal are made instantly and it is a totally safe and reliable service.


A very popular alternative to the previous two is unleavened, A promising international transfer service save up to 90% on sending money abroad with respect to other options.

Allows you to send money instantly and securely to more than 180 countries and in more than 60 different currencies.


The ING bank money sending platform offers the possibility of make transfers to people abroad, Unlike others like Bizum, Which do not offer this option.

It must be borne in mind, of course, that to work, Twyp needs to have a Spanish phone number associated with the account, Or otherwise will not allow us to send money.


If you only need to make a couple of overseas transfers, maybe WorldRemit be your best choice.

And is that this popular application allows you make three transfers totally free using the promotional code “3FREE”.

Then, you can continue to use it by paying lower commissions than those imposed by banks, through their well designed and easy to use app, Which allows you to transfer money to any country.


Another that could not be missed is TorFX, A safe and reliable money sending tool, with which you can transfer money abroad in just a few steps, always keeping track of currency changes through their real-time updates.


With more than 3 million users worldwide, Remitly is one of the most popular money sending platforms in existence. and allows transfer any amount of money, knowing the exact date and time it will reach your recipient.

All transfers are figures, And the system has anti-fraud protection. It allows you to send money to countries such as Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, among many others.


Another very popular option, which stands out for its ease of use is Verse. It is a tool similar to PayPal, which allows you to send, request, transfer or receive money instantly with your mobile, free of charge and securely. Of course, it offers the option of send money to foreign countries.

OFX Money Transfer

We conclude this selection with OFX, An international money sending tool that allows check live exchange rates, Send money to 190 countries in more than 55 different currencies, and most notably stands out for its simple registration process: In a few simple steps you will be ready to start sending money to your family and friends abroad.

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