The 8 best fishing apps (2021)


Going fishing will be much better with these mobile apps.

Your cell phone can help you in situations you probably never imagined. Fishing is one of them.

It doesn’t matter if what you are looking for is find the best places to go fishing, View fishing predictions shared by others close to you, or simply share your best experiences with other fishing enthusiasts: there is an app for you.

And to prove it to you, today we wanted to select the best apps to go fishing which can currently be downloaded on both Android and iPhone.

Top fishing apps

Best apps for fishing

The best fishing apps can make your outings more productive.

  • WeFish
  • Fishbrain
  • Nautide
  • Fishing Spots
  • Fishing Points
  • My Fishing Maps
  • FishAngler
  • Fishing Knots


probably, the most popular fishing app which can be downloaded currently. WeFish it is a fishing diary which can help us make our fishing trips more productive.

Among its functions, there is the possibility of create a fishing logbook and get forecasts, Discover the most effective locations based on the opinions of other members, as well as the possibility of buy fishing tackle.

The app is completely free, and is available on both Android and iOS.


Another very good app that you can download to your mobile before you go fishing is Fishbrain. This is the official app of one of the largest fishing communities in the world, With thousands of users from all over the planet.

The application offers the possibility of share experiences with other members, Share predictions and see those of other people, see what species of fish are near us, and more. Again, let’s talk about one free app.


If you are one of those who prefer fishing on the high seas, Nautide may be your best ally.

The application offers the possibility to plan perfectly any type of activity carried out at sea, including fishing. And it offers the possibility of see the state of the tide, the wave or the wind, among other things.

It has a specific section for fishing, In which it shows fish activity charts and the periods of sun and moon, to show thus the best times to go fishing. All in one free and easy to use app.

Fishing Spots

His name says it all: this app allows you to find the best areas to go fishing near you, based on the recommendations of the other members. On top of that, it shows real-time forecasts, Graphs of the solar and lunar periods and of course a fishing diary to point out our best catches.

Fishing Points

in this fishing app for android, Again, you can find the best places to fish in lakes or in the open sea, from your mobile and with accurate information thanks to the GPS.

The application allows plan routes, Get weather forecasts and even know the current water temperature. There is also the possibility of create a diary with our captures, As well as the option to import locations and fish in kmz and gpx format.

My Fishing Maps

Whether you’re just getting started in the world of fishing or you’re already an expert, My Fishing Maps is an application that can be of great help to you.

Not only allows know the current regulations of each stretch, including more than 17,000 freshwater fishing areas throughout Spain. The app can download totally free.


The creators of Fishing Points themselves also offer us FishAngler, A famous free fishing app that can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android, and offers an infinity of utilities intended for fishermen. From weather forecasts and water status, to a complete diary in which to add our catches with all the information needed to carry out a thorough control.

Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots for Android

Fishing Knots, one of the most useful fishing apps.

Fishing Knots is another essential app for any good fisherman. Thanks to her, you can learn to make knots of all kinds, step by step and with reference images.

It has a great catalog of knots that you can learn to make, And that will probably be useful to you on more than one occasion during your outings.

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