The 7 best free alternatives in Trello


If you want to better organize and manage your work and that of your team, feel free to try these free alternatives at Trello.

Trello is one of the most popular productivity apps in the world, it even has thousands of companies using the platform to organize the work of a team. In addition, Trello is also popular for applying the Japanese Kanban method, Which was born 40 years ago by Toyota and is a method of project management and workflow that minimizes multitasking, optimize the efficiency of a work in progress and improve the quality and speed of work that produces a team.

With a curious interface, but to which one easily adapts, Trello is an application that serves to organize long or short term projects in which a large number of people participate. Through the creation of a board and several cards, this tool allows you to bring the task up to date easily. But in the Google Play Store they also exist a number of alternativesHere are the seven best productivity apps you should try.


Trello is one of the applications to organize the work of a team.

On the other hand, if you are also interested in the subject of publishing and the world of the Internet, do not hesitate to take a look at this list with the best design apps or this one for dominate social media. Don’t miss the following 7 free alternatives to Trello.

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asana is one of the best alternatives to Trello. An app that allows you to organize the projects and tasks of teams working remotely, allowing you to change working hours or access a series of tools, such as lists, boards, or calendars, Others. It also has a simple and intuitive interface and stands out for being compatible with Microsoft Teams, Adobe Creative Cloud, Slack and Gmail. Asana can be used completely free of charge but also has several payment plans designed for businesses.



KanbanFlow, another interesting alternative to Trello.

KanbanFlow is an app that also follows the Kanban method, as its name suggests, and one of the most interesting alternatives to Trello. A tool that allows you to organize work visually and serves to increase the productivity of a team by simplifying communication between each member. With KanbanFlow you can create different tables and columns to add to work cards, Which may have different colors and assigned members; in addition to to-do lists. A free app but also has a payment plan that includes much more extensive reporting and analytics.


Airtable is a complete alternative to Trello, which can also be installed and used completely free of charge, but also has premium plans for large companies or teams. It is an application that uses the Kanban system of views and is compatible with different platforms that allows manage projects at a professional level, But also on a personal level, such as a trip or a shopping list. It has several table templates in which you can add all kinds of necessary information, as well as choose times and dates, among other features.


Archmule is a completely free service and a fairly simplified alternative to Trello. The tool also works with a board with columns from which you can drag different tasks in the form of cards, As in Trello. Among its features, it stands out for allowing the creation of private or public projects that can be shared, as well as a space to chat with the members of each board in the form of a mini chat; in addition to attaching files, assigning tasks, setting dates, or making comments.



MeisterTask also joins the list of alternatives to Trello.

MeisterTask is one of the most popular alternatives to Trello, and is partly due to its ease of use for managing tasks. A truly flexible and adaptable tool that is integrated with Mindmeister (an online and collaborative mind mapping tool). An ideal choice for manage creative teams and that it offers a variety of features, although the free basic version is more limited in that regard.


Kanbanchi is a free online tool that works fully integrated with Google Drive, and allows you to manage projects, manage tasks and team collaboration. It also uses the Kanban visual method to organize boards and tasks, allowing you to create an unlimited number of them. Kanbanchi allows receive notifications via email if any projects are updated and add due dates to tasks and keep track through Google Calendar; in addition to adding other features, such as comments on the card or color labels.


Todoist Android smartphone

Todoist is an app that helps you manage tasks.

todoist is another of the alternatives we propose to Trello. This is an app that helps you manage tasks in the best possible way. This application has a variety of features and a clear and intuitive interface. With it users will be able to create new tasks, Both individually and in groups, add relevant files or place tags, among other interesting features.

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