The 7 best applications for learning typing for free

Start typing fast with the help of these free Android apps.

The process of typing is called enter text or alphanumeric characters in a device by means of a keyboard such as those possessed by typewriters, computers, calculators, and smartphones. Although for many it is a simple thing, there are people who need to improve their typing skills as soon as possible.

Best apps for learning the alphabet and letters

If you are looking for a way to learn typing online through your mobile, then you have come to the right place. Below is a list of the 7 Best Apps to Learn Free Typing. After you install some and start practicing, you will see how you increase your writing speed.

best apps learn typing

Merjos apps for learning typing

7 apps that will help you learn typing for free

  • learn typing
  • Typing test
  • Typesy
  • Learn Write fast
  • animal Typing
  • Typing Master
  • typing game

learn typing

learn typing

this application collects various typing lessons that have been prepared for people of all ages, experiences and learning skills to write. In addition, it has several tests that will allow you to measure your skills as you progress.

Learning typing has levels for beginners and advanced typing lessons for the more experienced. To make matters worse, it also includes timed typing tests that will help you improve.

Typing test

Typing test

Typing test, as its name suggests, will help you test / measure your typing speed. Learn to write fast and find out how fast you can do it. This app has a rich set of free typing lessons with different levels of difficulty to practice online and learn to type.

It measures the number of correct and incorrect characters written, the speed of writing in words per minute and the accuracy of the same in terms of percentage. A perfect tool for learning typing with your mobile!



Typesy is an app that will help you get good typing using a nice learning technique. Here you can perform scientifically designed typing exercises to teach you to write fast and in the shortest time possible.

The app comes with a software called Touch Typing that measure your progress and get a way to make yourself better. We are talking about a typing tutor who will help you improve your skills with the help of mobile. In addition, it has 16 powerful games and entertaining activities to learn to write. You will love it!

Learn Write fast

learn to write fast

Typing and speed in one application! Start learning at your own pace with Learn Write Fast. Turn up the intensity when your fingers start playing the right keys naturally. Take your time writing it to avoid mistakes.

Practice your free writing skills and improve your typing speed once and for all. Learn to write with free-typing classes, Start typing without looking at the keyboard until you get a really fast typing speed!

animal Typing

animal typing

Animal Typing represents a simple and fun way to learn tactile typing, no matter what your age. This tool will teach you how to type correctly on your keyboard and improve speed.

In Animal Typing, the animal you get depends on your typing skills. The faster you type on your keyboard the faster your pet (snail, rabbit, horse, etc.) will be. To make matters worse, the app rewards you depending on your accuracy in writing. Avoid typographical errors and become a typing tiger.

Typing Master

typing master

Typing Master is an addictive game that will help you learn typing from your Android. Write the word that comes at the top of the screen, if you run away from it you lose lives. This way, you test your writing skills while having fun and improving them simultaneously.

In Typing Master you play with Artificial Intelligence technology. You need to start the word with the end of which you completed your opponent. The first to reach the goal wins. If you got stuck, use the track to move forward. Typing Master tea lots of different game modes that will serve to improve your typing. You choose how you want to learn and start as soon as possible.

typing game

typing game

Did you hear that your typing speed is very slow on mobile devices? So Typing Up is a game that will allow you to improve the speed with which you write. With Typing Game you can use the native keyboard of your mobile to practice and then develop what you have learned with the other applications you have installed.

Most apps for learning typing are boring, but this one it was specially designed for you to have fun while practicing your writing. In addition, it has a speed test that will allow you to test your typing speed when you need it.

On the other hand, we invite you to meet this interesting pen called Lernstift that improves your spelling. And if what you want is to expand your vocabulary, better take a look at these 7 applications to learn verbs in Spanish.

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