The 5 best secret chat apps that erase your messages


If you want to keep your conversations and data private, take a look at the best secret chat apps that clear your messages.

There are currently thousands of applications in the Google Play Store, and many of them focus on instant messaging. There is no doubt that WhatsApp it is one of the most widely used in the world, but it is not one of the safest. That’s why, and with the idea of ​​trying other alternatives, we bring you the 5 best secret chat apps that erase your messages and are available for both Android and iOS devices.

Many users want to encrypt your messages and keep them visible only to themselves or the recipient, for whatever reason, such as data protection. In short, secret chats on Android allow you to have encrypted and more secure conversations. For this reason, if you want to prevent anyone from accessing your messages, you can always take a look at these five secret chat apps that delete your messages.

Telegram Andro4all

The Telegram app open on an Android phone.

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Ten things you can do with Telegram

Telegram is one of the most secure messaging apps.

Without a doubt Telegram is one of the applications for mobile devices safer, A bit of what its creator has always boasted about. Plus, this instant messaging app lets you start secret conversations. In fact, everything in Telegram is kept private and heavily protected thanks to one maximum security encryption. It even allows you to lock the app with a PIN so no one can open it.


signal encrypted application

Signal is another great app for keeping secret chats.

Signal nor is it lagging behind in terms of security. Designed to be a private messaging app, Signal uses an open source technology called Signal Protocol that offers a end-to-end encryption, So everything that is sent through the app is kept private at all times.


Messaging and calling application

Viber, another alternative for creating secret chats.

Viber is another really popular instant messaging app and it is even one of the most secure. An app that has a color coded system which indicates the degree of protection of a conversation, with gray for encrypted conversations and red for alerting to a security issue.


Silence app

The Silence app is another option when creating private chats.

Available for Android, Silence is an app intended for SMS and MMS messages, So a data plan is needed to be able to be used. An application that stands out for having all the messages end-to-end encryption locally, so that they are always protected and inaccessible to others.


Threema, Unlike the rest of this list, it is a paid app that has some high security protocols. Both messages and voice calls are fully protected and end-to-end encrypted, as are the files being shared. Definitely a good choice if you are looking for absolute privacy.

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