SINoALICE, the new Yoko Taro, will hit Android and iOS on July 1st

In 2017 came to our markets one of the best video games we have enjoyed in recent years on both PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. nier Automata, The spiritual sequel to the first nier, a niche title with not very good reviews, narrates the struggle of two androids to regain planet Earth from control of the machines and return to humans, exiled to the moon. Under this premise we found a real masterpiece in both visual, sound and playable.


This work was a success for its creator, Yoko Taro and is that after his adventures with the Drakengard saga and the first nier, finally one of its titles was unanimously recognized by both critics and users. Now, years later, another of his creations, SINoAlice will hit Android and iOS platforms this summer. A game that from what we can see, will not leave anyone indifferent.

SINoALice, the creator of nier Automata, already has a release date on Android

Yoko Taro is one of the most quirky video game directors today. Under his mask, his works have always enjoyed an excellent narrative part and if they had ever received the recognition they really deserved, it was by default in their playable facet. Nier Automata made Yoko known to everyone and the good thing about Taro was that he only needed a team like Platinum Games – Bayonetta and other titles – to prove that his games were well worth it.

Now, like many other Japanese developers like Nintendo itself, Yoko Taro is also committed to mobile platforms and is that despite all the delays and for having the game takes years in Japan, SINoALICE will hit all Android and iOS phones in the West on July 1.

SINoALICE is a turn-based role-playing game in which we use some of the most popular characters from children’s stories. Of course with an appearance and a personality that have little or nothing to do with those who have made us see since childhood. In this way we will handle Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Alice, Cinderella and many more characters as they explore a place called “The Library” to revive its authors.

And to make the wait more bearable for us, Pokelabo, the ones in charge of bringing the game to the West, have prepared on their social networks a series of events with which to receive rewards on the day of its launch. As we are informed by SiliconeraIf we get 30,000 or more interactions – something that seems very simple given the expectation the game has created – we will receive up to 100,000 gold coins just starting the game. If 50,000 or more interactions are achieved, the reward will be 150,000 gold coins. .In addition and how could it be otherwise, SINoALICE will have a collaboration event with both nier Automata and nier Replicant.

SINoALICE joins the incredible list of mobile video games that are coming during this 2020. And is that if an artist of the caliber of Yoko Taro bet on smartphones as a platform to play, Is it for something?

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