Save Photos to SD Card on Android

This is a tutorial that explains how to save your photos directly to your SD card if you are a user who has Android operating system so many KitKat What Lollipop.

Save Photos to SD Card on Android it is a simple and very efficient process to avoid wasting internal memory.

In most cases, setup is done only from phone settings and looking for storage options.

From there you choose whether you want to save to internal or external memory.

Save Photos to SD Card in Android KitKat

If you have the Android KitKat version, chances are you won’t have the option to choose which memory to save your photos to and of course they will have to go to the internal memory.

But this problem is easy to solve; You can use different camera software which allows you not to save to internal memory if not to external memory, Camera MX is one app that can help you achieve this and it is also free.

Camera MX lets you select where to store your photos: internal memory or external SD card.

You can also use the storage services offered by the cloud, quite accessible and large capacity such as One Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Save Photos to SD Card on Android

If your phone has sistema operativo Android 5.0 Lollipop, you don’t have to worry anymore because Google has found a quick and immediate solution to store photos in external memory.

You no longer need to install anything or think about where you are going to save your photos. Now all you have to do is, as we mentioned at the beginning, to go to the camera settings because yes Lollipop already has this storage choice option.

As you can see, Google is always aware of what its users need, so save photos to SD It is no longer an impossible mission.

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