Remind Android App – Best Reminder for Parents, Students and Teachers

Remind is a Android app rated one of the best for remember homework of the school, that exists in Google play. So much for fathers, teachers What students, this tool can be said to be essential if you want all the tasks of the college or of Institute stay up to date.

It is a free app and that ensures the confidentiality of everything that is dealt with in the tool. Many define it as the WhatsApp from school, but it certainly goes further, having successfully specialized in the education sector. Let’s see this interesting application.

Remind Android App – Best Reminder for Parents, Students and Teachers

In the United States it is a social phenomenon

Remind was developed in the United States. Its creator, Brett Kopf, was not a particularly diligent student with good organization in his daily tasks, homework, etc. For this reason, once he had completed his university studies, he decided to rely on his personal experience, the help he received from good teachers and create this very practical tool.

Today it is used by thousands of families in the United States and Remind (Remember) has already made the leap successfully to the rest of the world, by being developed and deployed on Android.

What is Remind?

It could be defined as a tool capable of reminding students of the daily tasks at their school or institute: training, jobs, next exams, notes to the parents, ratings

It does not seek to be a control of the students, but rather a support for the student to organize well, with the help of teachers and parents.

Communication channels

And it is that Remind allows to create communication channels of teachers with parents and students. They may be public (if the topic is of more general interest) or private, if teacher-parent-student want to deal with a matter that only concerns them.

It is a free service, which has no message or communication limit, being able to share all kinds of notes, events, exams … any type of document can be sent by the application.

With it we can continue to inform parents and students about classes, notes, events, homework reminders, exams, or whatever we want to communicate to them privately, without limit of messages and free of charge.

It is not WhatsApp

Often, many parents complain that WhatsApp groups that are created between parents of students, deal with topics that have little to do with teaching. Remind is a channel strictly dedicated to the organization of the student, with the idea that they advance adequately in their education.

It offers students and their parents a simple way to stay informed outside of school or institute. With the system immediate notificationsThey will have each day the list of pending tasks or to remember.

Personalized information

With Remind, the teacher can inform the parent of how their child did an assignment or the grade obtained on an exam. In addition, it allows the possibility of receiving SMS texts for those parents who do not have a Smartphone.

How about an app like Remind? Do you see it especially useful? We would like to know your opinion if you have used it. Your assessment is important, you can do it at the bottom of this news or in our Android Applications Forum.

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