Record and repeat touch actions

In this tutorial we will tell you how record and repeat touch actions on your Android with RepetiTouch.

The RepetiTouch, is an application that allows us to configure and modify the aspects of our Android device that it performs by default, remembering each of the actions you perform on the screen of your phone or tablet to repeat them without having to touch it again.

We are basically talking about a root app whose function is to record each of the strokes you make on your screen so that you can reproduce them later as you have done.

Activate and install RepetiTouch to record and repeat touch actions on your Android

You just have to follow the steps that we present to you below:

  1. Enter the Google play store and find the RepetiTouch app
  2. Download and start it; a floating window with a small star should appear
  3. You should also see a PLAY panel and another for RECORD
  4. To record the action, press the red button and perform the gesture you want to record. To stop recording, press this same option again
  5. hurry TO PLAY to choose the number of times you want it to be repeated and then that’s it
  6. You can configure the number of repetitions you want to play

How could it be useful to record and repeat touch actions on your Android?

For example in the action we take to pass the photos so you won’t have to swipe and swipe your finger or it can also be used for some site click play.

We already know it’s cheating, but maybe it could give you a good time.

RepetiTouch can be found in the Google Play Store both for free and in its paid version.

If you decide to buy the PRO version, you will obviously also be free of ads and its developer will thank you for that.

We hope this tutorial helps you, if you have any questions on how to record and repeat touch actions on your Android, put it in the comments or on our social networks and rest assured that we will help you.

Link: RepetiTouch

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