Play Facebook Videos on Android

Today we will tell you how remove autoplay from Facebook videos through this simple tutorial.

Many people never liked to be the videos start on their own when they are on your Android, because it represents a greater consumption of battery and data.

Consuming trash can videos we don’t like it, even less when they are videos which certainly do not interest us and which flood our Facebook.

So we started to investigate and here we will tell you how to turn off the automatic reproduction of videos inserted in Facebook.

Steps to turn off Facebook video autoplay on your Android device

The steps to follow are simple, just be careful while performing them:

  • First, you will enter the Facebook application on your Android.
  • Go to the top bar, you should see three horizontal lines.
  • There you will find a section that says: “Help & Settings”, enter it and a new screen will appear where you choose “Application Settings”.
  • Then choose the “Auto-play video” option located just above the section
  • You can now configure it as you want, for example:
  • Press the “On” option only if you want an automatic reading,
  • You can also enable the “Wi-Fi only” option if you want the videos to play automatically when you have a WiFi connection.
  • Or you can even select the “Off” option if you definitely don’t want the videos to never play on their own.

As you can see, it is not difficult to eliminate autoplay videos on Facebook, and leave it to your satisfaction.

Other uses of Facebook settings

Since you’re in settings, you can configure other things like syncing photos, turning Facebook chat on or off, updating, how links are opened, etc. So take advantage and let your app work the way you always wanted it to.

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