PayPal will charge you 12 euros a year if you have an inactive account

PayPal started charging money to inactive account holders.

This has been announced by the company itself in its recent report on conditions of use, Updated to reflect a change in platform policies, announcing the collection of 12 euros per year to those users who have not used the account for 12 consecutive months.

PayPal users who have an open account but are not logged in, or have not used it for send or receive money for a year, they will have reject PayPal policies or close your account if they do not want to pay the annual fee imposed by the company.

PayPal will charge money

PayPal started charging money to inactive accounts.

12 euros for not using your PayPal for a year

The measure enters into force from December this year, And PayPal is referred to as an “inactivity fee.” This is explained in the documentation of the conditions of use:

If your PayPal account is inactive for at least 12 consecutive months, we may charge you an annual inactivity fee. Inactivity means that you are not signed in to your PayPal account or used it to send, receive, or withdraw money.

This rate will be 12 euros, Although it has not been explained what will happen to those users who have not associated a payment method with their PayPal account.

How to delete your PayPal account

Yes you have an inactive PayPal accountOne of the best ways to avoid such surprises is remove it.

per close a PayPal account, You just have log in, tap on the gear icon to access the settings, And finally select the option “Close Account”. It is important that you do this before making sure you have balance available in your account, And transfer it to your bank account.


PayPal has contacted Andro4all to clarify the measures that will be taken on inactive accounts, indicating that in Spain, the inactivity rate will only apply to company accounts, And not in personal accounts.

In addition, they explain that inactivity refers to a 12-month time period in which the account has not been logged in. In these cases, the inactivity fee will correspond to the balance remaining in the account up to a maximum of 12 euros.

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