OnePlus 9 mobile phones will ship with ColorOS in China

OnePlus, in case you didn’t know, ships its mobile phones with two different but similar Android-based operating systems in China and around the world. OnePlus users in China run HydrogenOS, which is the same as OxygenOS, minus Google apps and services. However, the company confirmed today that its next top series of OnePlus 9 mobile phones will ship with Oppo’s ColorOS 11, instead of HydrogenOS.

OnePlus 9 series will run ColorOS 11

OnePlus CEO and Co-Founder Pete Lau recently made the announcement on Weibo. He commented that the Chinese giant is ditching HydrogenOS in favor of Oppo’s custom ROM, which was also shipped on board some Realme phones during the brand’s early days. Later, however, Realme built its own Realme UI, but it only brings minor updates over Oppo’s ColorOS UI.

Now OnePlus, which is an older entity than Realme, is also ditching its own custom OS and adopting Oppo’s ColorOS 11. This could mean the Oppo-OnePlus partnership in the R&D department.

Also, the HydrogenOS team, in its home country, is reportedly much smaller than the ColorOS team. In this way, with this change, OnePlus 9 users in China will get a more stable and reliable software experience compared to the current HydrogenOS experience.

Now if you are wondering, OnePlus still won’t remove the HydrogenOS platform. Lau, in his announcement, wrote that the next OnePlus 9 devices will ship with ColorOS “Of fabric”. Y “The HydrogenOS from previous models will continue to be maintained and updated.” Therefore, existing HydrogenOS users in China will continue to receive updates for their devices.

Following Lau’s announcement, the official ColorOS / Oppo profile on Weibo also shared a post welcoming the new OnePlus series under its software umbrella.

Oxygen OS for Europe and India

Now, the recent announcement will only affect OnePlus users in China. Users in India and European countries will continue to use the existing OxygenOS software on their current and future devices.

Along with the OnePlus 9 series, the company will also launch a number of new devices tomorrow, March 23rd. This includes a new OnePlus Watch, a gaming-focused OnePlus 9R, and more. So stay tuned for more updates.

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