Mobile gaming continues to grow, according to a report

2019 has been, without a doubt, one of the best years in terms of mobile game releases, highlighting the arrival on Android of Call of Duty: Mobile and the classic Monopoly. Some titles that will have to coexist with old rockers, like Pokémon GO o Fortnite, Others. Such is the growth of mobile games that a recent study has determined that these they are left with more than 70% of the free games market.

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A recent SuperData report, which is echoed of VentureBeat, Has determined that the video game industry has grown, compared to the previous year, by 3% generating $ 120.1 million in 2019, Taking Fortnite as the game with the most revenue generated with 1.8 billion of the total amount. Data that includes both the mobile video games such as PC and console, As well as augmented reality and sports.

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Among those $ 120.1 million in revenue, the report reflects that $ 64.4 million goes to mobile games; while the PC ones grossed $ 29.6 million and the console ones grossed $ 15.4 million. In addition, it also reflects that the titles free-to-play account for 80% of the dollars spent in digital games in 2019, thanks to the good results of mobile titles, taking in Candy Crush Saga one of the most successful games.

Mobile games generated more revenue than console and PC games

Superdata Mobile Games Market

For the second year in a row, Fortnite ranks first in this ranking generating $ 1.8 million last year. The report also reflects that the premium gaming market fell 5% in 2019 due to a year with few releases of triple A titles, although they do point to 2020 as the best year in revenue. these titles, as in the coming months will come works such as Cyberpunk 2077 or The Last of Us Part II, Others.

Finally, the study also states that the upcoming consoles Microsoft and Sony (Xbox X Series and PlayStation May) will open new avenues for the growth of digital games in 2020, as these machines will represent a great opportunity for expansion for digital titles thanks to more powerful hardware that offers new experiences, And more immersive.

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