Microsoft Office mobile Android free

Microsoft has decided that Office for Android is free in its entirety, in fact previously the download of it was “free” but with the condition that we must have a license of office 365, which had a price of 99 euros for the 12 months, and in this way have all its functions.

Microsoft has optimized Office Mobile for Android devices to work completely free without any additional payment or license. Now we can view and edit documents Excel, Word, and PowerPoint from any mobile device.

This application provides users high quality graphics in addition to animations Y SmarArt graphics. When we go to view or edit the files, their original appearance is maintained thanks to all the elements mentioned above.

Principal functions

Microsoft offers only users the possibility to save their documents in the cloud through OneDrive or SharePoint. It has a tab that is designed for documents that have recently been opened on the computer, and thus view it later on the mobile. This feature is available via cloud syncing.

We can also edit or view the files Microsoft Office that are attached to email messages. One downside is not being able to create presentations Powerpoint from the phone, although if we can open and edit them, we can also navigate each of the slides with a comfortable and fast fluidity.

Fits the screen of our device

When we create new documents Excel or Word from the tablet or telephone, we can add the name of the author or review the comments made on them. To have a better experience, it is advisable to register with Microsoft, this account is totally free and from there we can create, edit or save documents.

Everything seems to indicate that Microsoft wants to attract more customers in order to beat its competition since there are a multitude of Android applications that work in a similar way and for free, some of them are Officesuite or Quickoffice.

  • Office Mobile for Android – (not available on google play)

So now you know, if you want to edit or view any Microsoft document, in its office interface, it will be enough to download this essential app since it currently offers many more editing options and best of all, it is totally free, and adapted to the screen of our Android mobile or tablet. What’s your opinion about it?

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