Manage two Instagram accounts from your Android

It is Android Tutorial will explain to you how you can manage two Instagram accounts of your android device.

Many people are in conflict when they realize that they can only have one active account on their Android devices, especially if they are in charge of the Instagram account of a business or its professional activities, they cannot Closing session and open the new account.

In Android solutions, we looked for this, but unfortunately the Instagram API prevents third-party apps from uploading photos to the platform, but there are alternatives to manage two accounts:

Instwogram, an excellent Instagram clone

You can use Instwogram, which in a nutshell is an Instagram clone, and as such uses the same functions, interface without any difference; download the APK from the forum XDA Developer (in this link) and you log in with your second account. As easy as that.

Another option is to use Phonegram that in its paid version, it costs almost $ 3; This app gives you the possibility to have two Instagram accounts open at the same time, but we can only upload photos from Instagram app, to manage comments, this app will surely be useful to you without having to log in and you disconnect.

Manage two Instagram accounts if you have Android 5.0 Lollipop

Too Android 5.0 lollipop gives the possibility to create different profiles including several different accounts in a single application. Just enter your quick settings and click on your photo. A new menu will appear and you must enter a new user and follow the on-screen instructions.

We are quite sure that given the new needs community managersIn a short time, Instagram will have to resolve these issues; especially since more and more people are using this social network to be in contact with companies or celebrities.

In any case, we hope that these presented alternatives will be of your total assistance while the appropriate solution arrives.

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