Learn how to share private images

In this tutorial it teaches you how to share pictures privately on Android with Hidely.

On many occasions, fear awaits us that our images or photographs that we take with our Android devices will compromise our privacy and privacy; especially if we are safe from probable theft or someone else may enter our device.

If you have a phone with Android operating system, this will no longer be a problem as there is a new app that encrypts photos so that they are not visible in your mobile gallery and also asks for a password to view them.

Share pictures privately on Android with Hidely

  1. To go to the google play and download the Hidely app
  2. Open it and assign a password so that you can open the encrypted images (choose one that is easy for you to remember and difficult for someone else to access, we’ll explain why later)

If you want to privately share one of your photos with a friend, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the photo you want to share
  2. Send an SMS or an email to your friends with whom you will share the photo
  3. For this, other users must also have installed Hidely

You have the possibility in Hidely to define the temporality of the visibility of the photograph, i.e. you can specify that when sharing, it is only seen once or deleted after 24 hours.

Disadvantages? One of them is that the password does not stay stored on your device, so if you forget it, goodbye access, you will no longer be able to access your encrypted photos.

Download Hidely now to share pictures privately on Android

Hidely is a free application available on the Play Store, compatible with the Android devices with version 4.0 or higher, an interesting proposition for those who want to have maximum security when sharing an image and intend to do so completely privately.

Link: Hidely for Android

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