install XBMC / KODI on Amazon Fire TV

The multimedia device of Amazon Fire TV, contains a personalized edition of the Android operating system, developed by our own amazon store.

Amazon Fire TV does not contain any official means of downloading Android apps from the Google Play Store.

It only has a shortened version of this Amazon Store’s own app store.

However, since it is open, a certain method has been found to be able to install any Android app.

in this Android Tutorial We’ll teach you how to install the best multimedia software out there. We’re referring to the one that used to be called XBMC but recently changed the name to Kodi. This tutorial is valid for both the “desktop” Amazon Fire TV model (the little square in the photo) and the new FireTV Stick, which connects directly to the HDMI on your TV or monitor.

Requirements to install XBMC / KODI on Amazon Fire TV

To install XBMC or KODI on your Amazon Fire TV, you must have the following conditions:

  • On your Fire TV, you must enable developer mode and agree to install apps from any source (developer options, ADB debugging, apps from unknown sources)
  • You need to go to System -> About -> Network and take note of the IP address assigned to your Fire TV in your home network.
  • You need to install ADB on your computer, be it MAC, LINUX or WINDOWS, ADB is a small Google program that is included in your Android SDK, and is used to contact the Android device via LAN or USB . You can download it from the official Google page.
  • You need to download the latest version of XBMC or KODI processors for ARM v7a from the official directory.

Install XBMC / KODI on Amazon Fire TV

Here are the steps to complete the installation of XBMC / KODI on your Amazon Fire TV:

  • On your computer, open a command window and type adb and hit enter. The Google program should respond with a list of commands and usage patterns. We do this to verify that the Android SDK has been properly installed and that you have working access to the ADB program. If your computer’s operating system is giving an error, try installing the Android SDK and / or check for the problem until you get a response from the ADB.
  • Type adb kill-server and hit enter
  • Type adb start-server and press Enter
  • Type adb connect and press enter

At this point we should have an adb restarted and connected to your FireTV. We will now proceed to the installation of the XBMC / CODI that we downloaded in the requirement points.

  • Type adb install

If all went well, the ADB after a few seconds will return a “success” message. Ready, you’ve already installed the media player on your Fire TV.

To run it, you need to go to Settings -> Applications, find it in the list, choose it and press “Launch app”. It’s somewhat cumbersome, but we can change this behavior in a later tutorial, if there’s interest.

Ready, you already have the best solution for watching movies, series, listening to music and much more (it can be extended via plugins), which includes the XBMC / KODI on your Amazon Fire TV.

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