Improve the performance of your Android without being root

We have always said that a newly released or flashed device has possibly best performance you will ever have. They work quickly and smoothly, and if it’s new, it will have greater autonomy. After more than a year of use, we see how it costs more to run demanding games or perform heavy tasks.

Being root, we can install applications that modify the system to improve its performance or even change the ROM. But what if our android device is not rooted?

In this article we will explain the operation of three applications that will increase autonomy, fluidity and performance from your terminal, without the need for root access.

Improve the performance of your Android without being root

Clean the memory of our Android

Most of the applications that we have installed have access to the network. They are downloading some content such as images or texts that accumulate on our Android device. The cache it can cause performance problems, including lags, slowdowns, etc.

The most effective way to eliminate it is to perform a factory reset. But this will delete not only the cache, but it will also delete contacts, apps, photos …

Clean Master and The Cleaner

These two applications will avoid having to factory reset our smartphone quite easily. Both apps allow us free up RAM and clean the cache of our android, as well as all the other residual files that the applications leave when they are uninstalled. The Cleaner has a simpler interface, but has fewer features than Clean Master. Both are free, so the decision will depend on your tastes and needs.

Here you can download The Cleaner or Clean Master for free from Google Play.

Free up RAM

Some devices have “only” one gigabyte of RAM, which can cause problems when handling multiple applications at the same time. The two applications seen above can help us reduce it and provide better performance, but there are also other applications that will free memory in different ways.


We are not going to go into details of what this application does, since we talked about it in the article “improve the performance of your Android with these 3 applications”. That article was about applications for devices with root access, and it is that Greenify for quite some time it only worked on rooted devices. The current version of this app allows you to hibernate the applications without being root, although it will not do it automatically due to lack of permissions and we will have to do it manually.

This application, in addition to improving the fluidity of the system, will increase the autonomy of the device, since hibernating applications do not consume system resources.

Increase battery life

Without a doubt, the battery life of some terminals is its weak point. Almost all smartphones include a multitude of functions that, if not properly controlled, can completely drain the battery in a few hours. There are many applications that reduce and control these functions to increase autonomy, so we recommend you try the most valued and keep the one that works best on your device. Easy Battery Saver or JuiceDefender are some applications that you can try.

Here you can download Easy Battery Saver and JuiceDefender from Google Play.

And you, do you know more applications that improve performance without being root? Leave all your answers and opinions in the comments at the bottom of this article or in our Android Forum.

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