Huawei is already testing its alternative to Gmail

Petal Mail joins Petal Engine and Petal Maps within Huawei’s application ecosystem.

Chinese manufacturer Huawei was forced to dispense with Google’s services in its latest handsets, and despite reports that Harmony OS is more than a copy of Android and not an independent operating system, it continues to work to develop the their own applications, such as your own email system: Petal Mail.

Petal Mail, Huawei's email service

Petal Mail, Huawei’s email service

After Petal Motor and Petal Maps, comes Petal Mail

Information from Gizchina reveals that Huawei is already testing its own email alternative in the ubiquitous Gmail and it’s called Petal Mail.

Huawei confirms when the HarmonyOS OTA will arrive on its first phones

The Chinese giant already has its own search engine, Petal Search, Which provides information about applications, news, images, videos, shopping, music in more than 50 languages ​​and its own map application, Petal Maps, Which features map display and navigation mode for use as a GPS and is available in more than 140 countries and regions outside of China.

Now, Huawei goes one step further to completely disassociate itself from Google and is already testing its own email provider that has the domain @

If we want to open an email account with this new provider, we have access the Petal Mail website, And once the registration and verification of your mobile number is complete, we will be able to manage our new email account right here. Of course, Huawei is also working on a mobile app, but for now, is in beta and not yet operational.

So you can easily (but not officially) install Google Play on Huawei phones

The Chinese giant is well aware that the solution to the crisis it is currently suffering from is create a complete ecosystem of apps that can replace Google’s apps and services, And sell their terminals as something unique in the market: devices with the best hardware and with own software that does not depend on third parties.

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