How to remove double check from WhatsApp

It’s a Android Tutorial that many expect: how to remove double check from WhatsApp.

This is a very simple tutorial that resolves the huge controversy of hiding the double blue popcorn that appear when we have read a message.

Yes, without having to install anything, without having to search for additional applications in the google play, or any other additional element, directly from your android device and whatsapp application.

Here are the steps to turn off WhatsApp double check

  1. Download the new version of whatsapp (2.11.476) from the App Store google playIf you already have it installed, it will only be updated.
  2. Open the app normally
  3. Go to the WhatsApp settings option
  4. Then tap on the account information
  5. Go directly to the privacy option
  6. Once inside, go to the “Read receipt” option
  7. You’ll uncheck the box if you don’t want the double check to appear when you’ve read the messages your contacts send you. But we will not be able to see if they have already read our messages or not.

If you realize, the way to use this option in the read message settings works the same as when we hide our last connection, so if you are one of those people who like to keep a mystery and have a Android device, you can now make this adjustment.

WhatsApp double check stays in groups

If you belong to a WhatsApp group, we have bad news, because in this case it will be impossible to hide the double check and your contacts will continue to see the famous blue popcorn whether or not you have read each of the messages.

We hope this Android tutorial to remove double check from WhatsApp has been very helpful, if you put it into practice, don’t forget to tell us and share your experience.

Link: WhatsApp for Android

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