How to play Google Stadia from any Android phone

The new video game platform Google Stadia allows us play our favorite titles without having a console. All you need is a good internet connection, a TV with a Chromecast, a computer or a mobile phone.

Google support for Stadia Command

However, even today, only Google Pixels support this service, Leaving out the rest of the users. Luckily, Android is a fairly open operating system and it has always been said that “putting doors in the field” is very complicated. Thanks to Xtadia, an Xposed Framework module, we can now play Stadia on our mobile phone no matter what model we have.

Xtadia: the indispensable Xposed Framework module for every Google Stadia user

Google Stadia command

While Google is updating its video game service fairly slowly but safely, users are looking for alternatives to improve the Stadia platform. For those who do not know, Xposed Framework is a tool that allows us to install different modules with the aim of adding extra features to our terminal or simply customize it. The possibilities are numbered in the hundreds although unfortunately, Xposed requires that our Android device be rooted.

Once the Xtadia module is installed, it allows us to play any Stadia game natively just like if we had a Google Pixel phone in our possession. Of course, it is only compatible with Android versions 6.0 or higher. In addition, we are also allowed to run Google Stadia with any type of connection, even mobile data instead of using the Wi-Fi network.

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Xtadia comes to us thanks to the XDA guys and its installation could not be easier. First and as we have shown above, we will have to have a rooted phone, Install Xposed Framework and then download the Xtadia module. Is it worth rooting your phone today? Well it depends on everyone …

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