How to know if a game for Android is worth it

If you like video games, you’ve probably entered their section in the Google Play Store. Once inside you will have noticed the number of titles available to you. Some are well known, either because they are made by proven developers or are important sagas in the world of video games, however many others are quite unknown.

The best games for Android

Now, how do you know if one of these titles is worth it or not? On numerous occasions there are many of these applications that enter our eyes, with trailers and spectacular screenshots. Then one downloads the game in question and ends up deleting it in half an hour, lamenting the loss of time. That’s why we leave you with a few tips on whether an Android game is worth it … or not.

Does the game ask for a lot of permissions? Better not download it

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This is something we should review in the face of any type of download, be it a game or a flashlight app. If when downloading a video game it asks us for numerous permissions, better to distrust, Especially if the developer is not really known.

Yes, because a video game can ask us for access to our calendar to know if our contacts are also playing or the camera, especially if it is a virtual reality game, but let’s be careful. Unfortunately Play Store is not free of malicious apps and until Google gets serious, it is our job to be responsible users and do not download the first thing we see without reading the required permissions and especially the comments of other people,

Does the game fill your mobile with notifications? ‘I’ll play when I want to not when I tell myself!

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We all enjoyed video games to hang out or escape a little from reality, whether for a few minutes, a couple of hours or an entire afternoon. One of the most annoying things about some smartphone titles is their bad habit of filling out our alert notification bar, warning us of all sorts of matters of no importance.

Your energy is already full, you have 30 minutes without logging in, your daily rewards are unclaimed, your lives have been recharged … These types of warnings are always linked to games with a lot of microtransactions – something we will discuss in later paragraphs- and the truth is that they cause quite a bit of anxiety throughout the day. developers, we will play your games when we feel like it, You don’t need to remind us every 30 minutes that we haven’t started the app in a long time.

Games with a lot of microtransactions: better run away before it’s too late

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There are several types of games in the Google App Store. Those that we can buy for a price and enjoy it from start to finish without problems, those that free live advertising and those free ones who abuse microtransactions, Unfortunately increasingly common.

It has happened to all of us. The game starts very simple, we move forward for hours and there comes a time when we stamp against a wall. Solution? To pay. That’s the problem, we’re hooked on the game and now we can’t stop playing. If we want to keep moving forward we will have to pay for a better weapon, a stronger character or any other kind of help. Therefore, be careful if the game has the ability to perform many microtransactions, surely at some point or another they will force us to use them.

Of course keep in mind that no matter what they say, playing with the mobile is nothing wrong. There are a lot of interesting games for mobile platforms today and this is something that even big companies like Nintendo are realizing. The only thing you need to know is to filter out games that are worthwhile than those that are not.

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