How To Get Free Clothes In Roblox (2021)

Find out how to get free Roblox clothes and make your own.

Roblox is one of the video games that gives access to a lot of online servers, Where it is possible to spend large amounts of hours playing in front of the computer screen.

Among so many features, one of the most attractive is the ability to change the look of your avatar and add exclusive clothes or accessories to your characters.

And is that many users spend time transforming their avatar in order to gain respect in the community, but the truth is that we always seek to highlight a little more.

Fortunately, the system has one exclusive shop for members, where you can get free clothes for Roblox and without investing robux. Are you interested?

How to get free clothes in Roblox without robux

We know that the main source of income for most video games, is through the purchase of accessories in the official store of the platform. However, there are many ways to get clothes and items for Roblox totally free and without Robux. Here are some:

Visit the free Roblox clothing store

the free parts catalog in the store of Roblox it is as extensive as its maps. There you can get from, pets, wings, shirts, pants, radios, artifacts and even free hair.

All of these artifacts are meant to personalize your avatar. To have these pieces completely free, just follow these simple steps:

  • Enter the official page of Roblox and sign in with your account.
  • Click on burger menu, Located at the top left.
  • Several options will be displayed, click on the option “Avatar”.
Visit the free Roblox clothing store

Enter Roblox and search for the “Avatar” option

  • In this section you will have the opportunity to customize your avatar with the pieces you currently have. To get more press the option “Get more”.
get clothes at the Roblox store for free

If you want to see more clothes and accessories, click on “Get more”

  • With this step you can enter the general catalog of Roblox and by default will show pieces with some price in Robux.
  • To access the clothes for free, click on the option “Promoted” and select “All categories”.
  • Then click on the option “Relevance” and choose the option “Price (low to high)”.
free pieces in the Roblox store

Select “Price from (minus to plus)” to see the free pieces first

  • You will now have all the pieces of the free catalog from the Roblox store.
free clothing catalog Roblox

A catalog with several free options for dressing your character will be displayed

One thing to keep in mind is that you will have no limit to claiming pieces or artifacts, as long as you select only free clothing, accessories and items.

Get clothes, accessories and items with Roblox promotions

One way to get clothes or items without spending a single penny is by claiming Roblox promotions. To get it alone you have to be on the target of the rEDES social video game and be one of the first lucky ones to claim the prizes.

It is important to clarify that the codes or promos they have Expiry date quite limited, but if you get one on time, it is possible to get it clothes for Roblox and until robux free. What do you think about it?

Get clothes with promos

Change them to a Roblox code and get a free prize

Learn how to create your own clothes at Roblox

Another quick and easy way to get free clothes is doing it yourself. To do this you must follow these steps:

  • Acquire a membership in Roblox Premium. Enter this section and choose one of the three plans of the system.
  • Join one of the groups.
  • Download the template with the avatar measures (585 pixels wide by 559 pixels high) to start editing clothes.
  • Go to your favorite image editor and insert the template.
  • exports the file JPG or PNG and goes up to the up to the Roblox servers the piece.

This is a safe alternative to get free roblox clothes without spending robux. Create your own designs and even get free robux by selling the pieces. Cheer up!

How to get free clothes from the Roblox catalog

After visiting the store and checking it out parts catalog free of Roblox, The next step is to take it to your inventory. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  • Enter the clothing store of Roblox.
  • Select one piece of the catalog. Another page will open where you will show all the details of the piece or artifact.
How to get free clothes from the Roblox catalog

Select the piece of your preference directly in the clothing and accessories catalog

  • Click on the option “Get”. Ask a question Do you want to get the free resource + Product name? Click on “Get it now”.
How to get free clothes from the Roblox-2 catalog

Look for the green “Get” button.

  • You will now see a message assuring that the purchase was successful. The item will automatically be available in your inventory.
  • If you want to make sure and use the piece immediately, click on mannequin icon, This will take you directly to your inventory.
get free clothes without robux in Roblox

Check the correct clothes in your inventory and start wearing them

Detailed selection of free clothes and accessories

the Roblox catalog has different categories; however, not all are free. For a more detailed and precise selection of the pieces, it is necessary to select some of these categories:

Detailed selection of clothes and accessories for free

Choose categories so you can view free content and dress your character in Roblox

  • Roba.
  • Body parts.
  • Accessories.
  • Avatar animations.

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By choosing some of these sections and adding the settings price (low to high), You will have at your fingertips only free Roblox clothes without the need to invest Robux. Amazing! No?

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