How to fully verify your tinder account


Want to succeed in tinder? Then find out how to verify your account.

Tinder is without a doubt a platform that has changed the way many people connect around the world. But if you really want to succeed in this application, there are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind. For the same reason, we will tell you today how to verify your tinder account easily and quickly.

Since tinder came to iOS and Android, you don’t have to leave home to meet someone you like and who has similar interests to yours. However, both in this and in all the apps to meet people, credibility is key for someone to trust you. So if you want to sweep on tinder, check out in detail what we will explain below.

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What are tinder verified accounts

verified tinder accounts

Verified tinder accounts

If anyone tells you about tinder verification, could refer to your account profile, phone number, or email associated with you. While all three are very important, the last two tinder are mandatory tinder requirements so that you can use the app normally and have your account canceled.

In other words that is, not all tinder users have their profile verified, But most have confirmed their phone and email within the platform.

Reasons to verify your tinder account

By having a verified tinder account, people who talk to you will feel more confident that you really are who you claim to be. In addition, these accounts get a positive effect thanks to the app’s algorithm that will help you get more matches.

Suppose there are two people with exactly the same profile, but one account is verified and the other is not. Which of the two profiles gives more credibility? Obviously what is verified. For this other simple reason, tinder users with verified accounts get more success in this app.

If you want to verify your profile i get the blue tinder tick, Then do the following:

check tinder profile

This way you can verify your tinder profile

  • Open tinder i tap your profile icon.
  • it’s time gray check mark.
  • Select “Verify your profile”.
  • The app will display a pose and will ask you to imitate her in a selfie.
  • After confirming that your selfie matches the pose, press “Submit for review”.
  • Repeat the previous two steps to finish the process.

After you submit your selfie, tinder will notify you when your account has been verified and a verification mark will appear on your profile so that others know that it is actually you. This is how you get the blue mark on tinder!

How to check the phone number on tinder

When you start using tinder, the app sends you an SMS to verify your number and give you immediate access. But if you skipped this step or want to change the number for some reason, then you need to do the following:

tinder number verification

Verify your phone number on tinder

  • Enter your profile by tapping the button at the top right.
  • Click where it says adjustments to enter the app settings.
  • enter a phone number.

That’s it, here you can change the verified phone number you use with your tinder account or verify some if you had never done so. As you can see, we are talking about a fairly simple process.

How to verify the email associated with your tinder account

Verifying tinder email is even easier, as you only have to do the following:

email verification tinder

How to verify your email on tinder

  • Enter your profile of tinder.
  • Go to settings of the app.
  • Scroll down to the settings section and enter the section “E-mail”.

In this section you can put your email so that tinder sends you an email and check it in seconds. Done! Verifying the email associated with your tinder account is blowing and making bottles.

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