How to download Who wants to be a millionaire? for Android

The world of mobile video games is experiencing one of its most important years, as the arrival of great sagas and titles on Android and iOS devices. In recent days, several of the most anticipated games have been released, such as Gwent, the card game from The Witcher, o GRAY, one of the most award-winning indie video games. Now it has come to Who wants to be a millionaire?, The popular TV show makes the leap to mobile phones with a real prize of $ 1 million.

Who wants to be a millionaire?  Android

Who wants to be a millionaire? is a television program in which a user is eligible for a succulent cash prize to answer a series of questions correctly they have different answering options, and they just released their mobile game for free. Sony Pictures has announced in a statement the launch of the mobile game of the popular television contest that, over the next eight weeks, will give fans of the show the opportunity to earn at least $ 32,000 and even the possibility of taking over $ 1 million.

Sony and ABC have launched the new application Millionaire Live with which fans of the contest can play with the help of presenting Kay Adams, known for the Good Morning Football program of the NFL Network Games that start at night, specifically at 5:00 Spanish time, and in which the grand prize will be the same as the maximum dollar amount won in the television program that is broadcast that same day. To participate and qualify for this award you must reside in the United States, as contestants will have to verify your phone number. Once verified, players will have 12 seconds to answer a question, with a total of 25 questions.

How to download Who wants to be a millionaire? on Android

When it comes to mobile gaming, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? offers the same experience as the TV contest to test the knowledge of the player, who in case of traffic jam can use the different wildcards available, such as call someone in the audience or that the hearing itself helps to respond. Among its features, the game allows you to unlock new cities and travel the world, use classic wildcards, such as removing two of the four answers, and play anywhere thanks to its offline mode.

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In addition, it also offers a daily table of positions with which you see statistics of friends and family and a series of updates constantly. It is even possible challenge other players and in each game three lifelines are offered for one use each and only once per question, although if level 15 is exceeded, lifelines will not be available. Without a doubt, this is a good way to get into quarantine and exercise your brain during those days when you can’t leave home. To download the game you just need go to the Google Play Store and install completely free of charge.

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