How to download Gwent, the card game from The Witcher, on Android

Mobile video game fans have a big year ahead of them, as the arrival of great sagas and titles on Android and iOS devices, such as Immortal devil o Crash Bandicoot. A market that already has a new protagonist, Gwent, the card game from The Witcher which can now be downloaded for Android completely free.


The fantastic universe of The Witcher is currently one of the best known and most popular, Because in addition to its novels and games for consoles and computers, Netflix released last year his own series on the universe of the well-known wizard, Starring Henry Cavill. It has long been known that the popular card game based on the universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski, and called Gwent, it was going to come to Android phones.

Now, Gwent is now available for download completely free from Google Play. This is one of the most popular card games by users, which results from a mix of collectible and interchangeable card genres. In Gwent users will face other players in hectic duels that combine the art of beacon-marking, decision-making on the go and the careful creation of fights. In addition, you can get to the protagonists of the saga, as Geralt, Yennefer and other iconic heroes from The Witcher world.

Gwent can now download free for Android

Gwent has several game modes: Classic, Season and Arena. Likewise, it also has a system of fair and entertaining progress that turns the effort to gather a competitive letter collection into pure pleasure. Players will only have to collect new cards to create fights. One of the most striking aspects of the title is his handmade illustrations and their visual effects which breathe life into every card, every battle, and every battlefield.

The game invites users to crush the enemy by brute force or defeating them with cunning and ingenious tricks. Regardless of the fight used, Gwent’s exclusive round-based game system opens up a whole world of strategic possibilities with which to play to fight for victory. Therefore, the title allows many ways to play, Whether it’s a quick online game with a friend, whether it’s a PvP challenge of the highest competitive level, or something new and hectic like sand.

In the game is it starts with 10 deck cards in hand, Being able to play any of them from the beginning, giving the player the option to choose whether to start the game with his strongest unit or whether, on the contrary, to reserve it for the last phase of the battle. To win a round you will need to get more points than the opponent, in games that are played to the best of three. In other words that is, with two rounds won the battle is won. Gwent has become quite a hit on both iOS and computers and consoles, and comes to Android with the same goal.

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