GRID Autosport already has a release date on Android

2019 is being a big year for the world of mobile video games. During these months, long-awaited titles have been released Call of Duty: Mobile o Mario Kart Tour, Others; it has even recently been released Minecraft Earth, Although in a still test version. Now another popular video game is about to land on Android devices.

GRID Autosport, A popular racing game, has confirmed its Android arrival date, Which will take place next November 26. This was confirmed by Feral Interactive, responsible for the video game, through a statement on the official title page. A game that on iOS came out in 2017 and that it has even made the leap to consoles, like the Nintendo Switch, where it can be downloaded completely free. Because of this, it was expected sooner or later the popular racing game would make the leap to Android.

A game that will be available in just a few days a price of 10.99 euros and that, as confirmed by the same company, can only be enjoyed on a limited number of devices, you can check in this list if your terminal is compatible. Similarly, it has also been confirmed that your download will be restricted to Europe, Australia, North America and in some territories of Asia.

GRID Autosport hits Android devices on November 26th

GRID Autosport will allow players start their careers as professional pilots. This is a triple A racing game that has been a hit and uses intuitive tilt and touch controls to deliver an irresistible mix of simulation and arcade driving directly on mobile devices. A game that is currently in early registration.

This is the latest installment of the famous Codemasters series, which includes the full game and all additional content. Users will be able to download additional cars and circuits for free, as well as compete in 100 circuits and with 100 different cars. In addition, it is also possible customize controls and master various disciplines, such as single-seater racing, tuning, cars, among others.

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