GRAY, the award-winning video game finally arrives on Android

And one more for the list. Those who argued that mobile video games don’t make sense should rethink it. Because if a few days ago we woke up to the good news that Konami had decided to launch the prestigious Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on mobile platforms and if yesterday we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Chrono Trigger, one of the best RPGs in history, today we are in luck again.

GRAY Play Store

GRAY, one of the most prestigious games of last year, just appeared in the Google App Store and although the exact date of its release is still unknown, we can pre-register so as not to miss one of the most interesting games today. We love that more and more developers are betting on mobile platforms, which don’t stop please

GRAY, the multi-award winning video game, hits Play Store

As Android Police informs us, GRAY, the video game developed by Retornar Digital and awarded several prizes, is already appearing in Play Store. As is often the case on many other occasions and unfortunately for Android users – Gwent, the popular card game from The Witcher – the title in question has long been available on iOS, but it hasn’t been until now when it finally hits the Google platform.

GRAY is a different game. It is a magnificent visual and sound experience, in which we use a girl who has lost her voice and will travel the world avoiding obstacles, solving puzzles and drawing various platforms and jumps. A relaxing experience for those moments when one alone wants to sit on the couch and enjoy a wonderful visual work.

“Gray is a girl full of hope and lost in her own world, faced with a painful experience of her life. Her journey through sadness is manifested in her dress, which gives her new skills to travel better. his blurred reality. As the story unfolds, Gray matures emotionally and sees his world in a different way, revealing new paths to explore using his new skills. “

Available on computer, consoles and in the Apple app store, GRAY is priced at 5.49 euros in the latter so this figure should not vary much for Android. We have to keep in mind that the game is quite short – it can be done in just about three hours – but its artistic and sound style compensates for its short duration. However, we also made it clear that it is not a game for everyone and is that if you are looking for action and many features, you better download a GTA.

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