Google has removed this app from the Play Store, if you have it installed delete it!

Cybersecurity experts have discovered a new threat in the Google Play Store. You’d better remove this app if it’s still on your mobile.

the researchers in cybersecurity from CheckPoint Research have discovered one new threat spread through Google Play Store, Which could have endangered hundreds of people.

The threat in question was hidden in one app published in the Android app store, Posing as another famous app like Netflix to get carried out attacks of phishing or stealing sensitive data from victims.

Apps on a Samsung Mobile Phone

Apps on an Android mobile.

“FlixOnline,” the app that promised to access Netflix content from around the world, was a scam

The malicious application was published on Google Play under the name FlixOnline, And its description assured that it was a tool with which to be able access Netflix content from other countries. When downloading and installing the app, it asked users for a series of permits which gave the application the ability to run on other apps, Or access the content of notifications.

It was precisely this last permission that the threat was used to try to harm the victims. And is that, by gaining control over notifications, “FlixOnline” was able to monitor them WhatsApp notifications and send automatic replies to all contacts that sent a message to the user of the infected device.


Flixonline, a scam spread through the Google Play Store.

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These responses contained a text indicating the possibility of getting two months of Netflix for free accessing a link. This led to a malicious website, where they tried to infect the phones of more and more people.

According to data provided by researchers, about 500 people had downloaded the app before Google decided to remove it from the Google Play Store. While not too high a number, given the technique used by the app to spread, the number of users affected could be much higher.

For this reason, if your mobile phone is still present “FlixOnline” application, You better get rid of it as soon as possible.

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