Google celebrates Halloween with an addictive game

Kill all the ghosts in Google’s new and addictive Halloween game.

One more year, Google wants to celebrate Halloween big. For a few days now, the company has been giving us the chance to view 3D Halloween-themed objects and animals via mobile using augmented reality, and now, about to arrive on All Saints’ Eve, the firm introduces a new doodle in your search engine in the form of a mini-game.

Here are all the Google Doodles: Check them out and play with them

how explain on 9to5Google, Said mini-game is the sequel to another introduced in 2016 also on Halloween. In it, we take control of the gat Momo, With the idea of save the school of magic using only our magic wand.

The game is available through the search engineBoth on mobile phones – this mini-game is optimized for touch screens – and on computers.

Google's new Halloween game

Google hides a Halloween mini-game that you can access at any time.

How to Play Google’s Halloween Minigame

Accessing the game is extremely simple. All you need to do is enter the Google search engine, Either from your mobile or from the web browser to your computer.

Once there, you will see how the Google logo has changed and now has a different design than usual, with a “Play” button in the center: click on it.

So you will see a small one video that will tell you the story behind the game, And then you can make one tutorial in which to learn the mechanics of this game.

Google Halloween Minigame

This is Google’s new (and addictive) Halloween game.

To play, you just have to perform the shapes that appear at the top of each of the ghosts and creatures which will appear on the screen, either with finger or mouse.

Although it seems easy, as you go along a larger number of creatures will appear, Which will move faster and faster. The goal is get the most points and overcome the different levels without losing the 5 lives -or hearts-.

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