Games on your Android mobile will take up less space with this new feature from Google

The Mountain View company is launching a technology that improves the quality of games and reduces storage data, don’t miss it.

Google will make them Android games take up less space thanks to its latest novelty. The Mountain View company has incorporated into the Play Store a new system of compression of textures for games, which will improve the consumption and performance of the same, as well as reducing the download size.

The tech giant has confirmed through an official statement that developers can implement scalable and adaptive texture compression –ATSC (Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression)– in their games when uploading them to the well-known app store of the big G. The ATSC format offers a number of advantages, Such as improved rendering performance, faster charging times, better battery life and improved visual quality.

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In addition, and as we mentioned, it can also drastically reduce the size of a game download, as the company has managed to compress the textures. A technology that is now available in the Google Play Store so that all game developers can use it in their titles. In this way, when uploading a game to the app store, it is done by separating the packs of compressed textures by device type.

ATSC technology is now available in the Google Play Store

It should be noted that in this way, Google Play Store will offer the pack of textures which best fits every mobile device, So that the user will always see the game in the best possible quality. On the other hand, this also avoids the need to have to download all available textures, as only those that are needed are stored.

So that’s how much is achieved save storage space of these games to the mobile as download data, as long as it is done without WiFi connection, that is, with data. Those who want to implement ATSC in their games can now do so from the Google app store.

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