First clues to the arrival of Fall Guys on mobile

One of the games at the moment would hit mobile devices soon, according to a new clue.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout it has become one of the games of the moment, and already has more than eight million active players, a figure it achieved in its first week. A title that is currently available on PlayStation 4, for free with PS Plus, and on PC, and that could reach mobile devices very soon.

It was already known that the game would eventually reach smartphones and tablets (although at the time it was more of a wish). However, no official information has been provided so far. A new leak by a series of dataminers, Shared on Twitter, have revealed the first clues to the arrival of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on mobile.

Fall Guys

A new clue confirms the future arrival of Fall Guys on mobile devices.

Therefore, more light is shed on the mobile arrival of this popular game that forces players to look for ingenious ways to win the games.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a crazy and fun title it offers games of 60 players in which we need to test our skill to complete the different challenges, either cooperatively or competing against each and every one of the players. The goal is simple: to overcome all rounds and be the last standing.

The leak has revealed that the game is preparing for the future arrival of new modes and minigames, titled “Treasure Hunt”, “Catch the Chicken”, “Wall Guys” and “Door Dash (100 Players)”. The first three are a novelty, while the last is a variant of the mini-game Takeshi’s Castle.

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The mobile version of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout would be on its way

In another of the leaks is also offered the first clue of the arrival of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on mobile devices, Which could happen sooner rather than later seeing the success of the title.

At the moment the work of Mediatonic is available on PC and PlayStation 4, but is expected to reach mobile devices Android and iOS; in addition to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Of course, the company has already warned that at the moment it is focusing exclusively on PC and PlayStation 4. An announcement that is given due to the increase in mobile game ports, which are unofficial and may pose a danger to users.

“Fall Guys is only available on PC and PS4, if you see any ads for a mobile version, they are scams“, The company has posted on its social networks.

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