Fans of Tesla are fantasizing about a crazy app to tie

Do you have a Tesla? This website is a community to find love, as long as you feel admiration for Elon Musk.

Thanks to the Internet many people have found true love. While a study shows that having an iPhone is much more connected than with an Android phone, thanks to the number of apps in the Play Store this is not a problem.

Tinder, Badoo, Adopt a Dude, Grindr …. there are many tools we have today to find our half orange. By the way, the latest rumors pointed to a community of Elon Musk fans working on a dating website, Is it true?

A place where Elon Musk fans can find love

According to The Virgin, Rumors pointed to the site Web Tesla Dating Co it was going to become a community where Tesla fans were going to be able to find love. For Elon Musk exclusive fans only.

Apparently the website even went so far as to request an email address as well as an accreditation of owning a Tesla car. Instead what all started with a joke or a little parody, gradually became a resounding success.

More and more users joined this strange community and is that according to its creator, the owners of a Tesla are devoted, admire Elon Musk and can only join each other. However the dating website despite having a real look does not exist. Its creator has admitted that it will not make use of all the web addresses it has achieved unless in the end it is decided to create a “Tesla flip” app that will then notify all these people.

In the end it looks like there is no short-term plan to create the Tesla love community. It’s all been a joke from a person who doesn’t even own a Tesla car. Plus he doesn’t even have a car as he moves around on a bike. The trolley of the year? If it’s not, it’s close to being so.

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