Everything you need to know about the popular game

Roblox: all the details of the popular video game that makes your imagination fly.

If you are one professional gamer you’ve probably played all sorts of games, including those that boost your imagination. Such is the case of Roblox, A video game developed by Roblox Corporation in the year 2006 and that until now continues giving of what to speak.

This platformer has been growing in recent years to the point of being able to face any other popular game today.

Today it has more than 100 million active users monthly. And although it bears a strong resemblance to other creative style games as it may be Minecraft, Has a particular line that differentiates it from the rest. So join us in discovering Roblox and everything you need to know to encourage you to give it a try.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a game online multiplayer where users can unleash their creativity by creating 3D worlds from different pieces into different sizes and materials.

We could say it’s a kind of “Lego” game but online, where you can share your creations with other members of the community so that they are part of your world and include you in theirs.

That is Roblox all the details

Roblox: the popular video game with 3D virtual worlds

Of course, not all games are the same, as they exist different categories or guys ranging from parkour, dungeon adventures even survival. Each of them has its own purposes and mechanics according to the creator.

A priori it may seem like a style of play very similar to Minecraft, but it is not. For example, the first difference is that instead of starting as a simple sandbox to create with the same themes and world, in Roblox you have an experience of being playing in different games within yourself.

In the same way it emphasizes the capacity of character customization where you can apply different changing rooms, Accessories, facial expressions and even different bodies, while in Minecraft the peculiarity are the pixelated characters.

Regarding the creation of the worlds, Is carried out in a way totally independent in the game, being this through the so-called program Roblox Studio which has a fairly simple interface and sufficiently advanced tools for unleash your creativity in the creation of an entire universe.


Roblox was developed in the in 2003 by the engineers David Bazucki i Erik Cassel under the provisional name of DaynaBlocks.beta. However, soon after it would adopt the popular name of Roblox as we know it today, which comes from the combination of Robots and Blocks.

This game is developed for a very specific audience, generally under 18 years. To do this, its main mission is to enhance the imagination of boys through “constructionism”, so its own developers categorize it as “an educational platform.”

The only downside is that being a free game, it contains advertisements and to fast forward you have to get your official currency, equip your character or purchase weapons.

In addition, its myriad of virtual universes and toxic users open the door to abusive and inappropriate material; so you will have to pay attention in case your minor child shows any interest. However, it is still an ideal form of entertainment and learning for the youngest.


Features of roblox

Features of the most popular multiplayer at the moment Roblox

  • It is a completely multiplayer game Free to Play with social functions, where each player has the freedom to create their own worlds and with the ability to interact with other members of the community.
  • It has a online multiplayer mode very powerful, it has even surpassed Minecraft.
  • His so-called world creation tool Roblox Studio it works completely independent of the game. The same, has everything necessary for the development of games and offers the possibility of receiving income according to the quality of the creation.
  • It has great gameplay thanks to its incredible amount of different worlds and activities which do not allow for boredom.


As we said before, the gameplay is one of the main features of Roblox. The number of worlds available is directly proportional to the millions of users who connect every day. Its features, unique activities, mini-games and amazing experiences make it an entertaining game.

In addition, the game is easily adapted to each user, offering different alternatives according to their tastes. On the other hand, the customization capability for each player is ample enough in basic items, costumes and more.

Roblox gameplay

The gameplay is very easy and gives you unique experiences

Of course, we can not forget Robux, The currency of the game which has the particularity of being able to be exchanged for real cash, as well as being able to buy Robux with physical currency.

Minimum age to play it

Roblox is focused on the little ones at home with the intention of enhance their learning through creativity and imagination. As such there is no minimum age to play it, as any little one can create and join groups to chat and interact with others.

Despite this, Common Sense Media qualifies Roblox as a user-friendly game over 10 years. Similarly, parents are advised to take precautions through the privacy settings to prevent children from falling victim to online offenders.

Despite the controversy, the platform offers a great deal security and privacy policy strict enough to avoid any kind of problems with the smaller community.

What are Robux?

Robux is the official currency of the game. It is a virtual currency that can be obtained in different ways:

  • It can be purchased via mobile, browser and Xbox One apps.
  • By subscribing to a membership, users receive a Robux stipend.
  • Accounts with members can sell t-shirts, pants and access to places within the game and thus receive a commission for it.
  • Any player can sell game passes for Robux.
That they are Robux

Robux: Roblox’s official currency

It is important to note that there are no pages or “Robux generators” as they can only be purchased with physical money or through the Roblox company.

How much does a Robux cost?

Since 2008, Roblox allows buy Robux (R $) from your website. They also incorporated the possibility of doing so through their application ROBLOX Mobile since 2012.

The cost of the Robux is as follows:

  • 400 Robux – $ 4.99 (Builders Club receive 50 Robux bonus)
  • 800 Robux – $ 9.95 (Builders Club receive 200 Robux bonus)
  • 2000 Robux – $ 24.95 (Builders Club receive 750 Robux bonus)
  • 4500 Robux – $ 49.95 (Builders Club receive 1500 Robux bonus)
  • 10000 Robux – $ 99.95 (Builders Club receive 5000 Bonus Robux)
  • 22500 Robux – $ 199.95 (Builders Club receive 12,500 Robux bonus)

How many games are there?

As we mentioned earlier, Roblox is a very popular game and one that is constantly growing. It currently has more than 40 million games (Universes or rooms) online within the game and more of 4 million active developers.

How many games does Roblox have

More than 40 million games available on the platform

Does Roblox promote education?

Roblox is a game that according to its developers “promotes programming and STEM learning techniques”, in such a way that its members “learn programming while creating experiences on the platform”.

Its main purpose is that users can “create and publish their own video games easily and monetize them” while “encouraging children’s creativity.”

Roblox encourages education

Roblox’s role in education

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In short, it is a game that every day increases its community by leaps and bounds, which promotes a creative, healthy culture and contributes to the cognitive development of children. What do you think of this? Let us know what you think about this popular online game.

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