Enter the world of fairy tales with Time Princess

Time Princess, the mobile game where your decisions will set the course of your story, will celebrate its anniversary in May with more than 5 million downloads.

If you’re one of those people who likes to read, you’ve probably ever come across the situation that you loved a book but in the end it wasn’t what you expected. Well, we bring you a solution, and now you can change the ending or get different outcomes … with several books! with Time Princess, a interactive novel turned into a mobile game, you will be able to travel through time through its stories: from living first hand the French Revolution being Maria Antonieta, Become Helena of Sparta, Discover plots of mobsters in the United States of the 20s, delve into the world of genius of light and the cave of the 40 thieves or be the protagonist of donetes.

The game, created by the company IGG, Has two monthly updates where new books are coming out, each with its respective phases and chapters. However, to overcome these phases and keep moving forward, you need to dress your characters with amazing dresses that you will be able to obtain or create to obtain a better score. These dresses have a lot of documentation work on the part of the designers, so every detail has its reason and, although it seems like an easy game, it has its difficulty!

Also, Time Princess is a great game for play with your friends because you can share clothes. Thus, both they will help you overcome the stages and you can help them if they are missing a piece to complete their stages faster. And if not, you can always turn to your community on social media or Discord, Where you will find guides, tricks and contests as well as other players that will make your experience more enjoyable.

Amazing dresses at Time Princess

And if you’re curious, I’m sure the following will convince you: you’ll have cats like pets! You can have them go for a walk and bring you objects, you can feed them to level up, or you can make them have dates with your friends ’cats. Amazing, right?

Monthly events and charity actions

As if everything we told you was not enough, Time Princess organizes events assiduously to keep her community active.

The last one he has released is that of the Catwalk of Cultures, Where, in addition to addressing a specific topic about the cultures of different countries, there will be a monthly contest with prizes of up to $ 1,000 in Amazon gift cards. This month, the theme has been Easter and the contest is to characterize your character with different pieces following the “Colorful” style. This month the participation period is over, but stay tuned, there will be another similar event in May (or who knows if more special, as the game will be one year old)!


In addition, on their social networks there are always contests and sweepstakes to win both game merchandise and in-game items.

On the other hand, Time Princess is very socially engaged and has recently collaborated with Days for Girls in a charitable action. In it, players bought a pack within the game, the collection of this pack was intended to promote more hygienic practices and sustainable solutions in African women during their periods.

Start your adventure in the world of fairy tales

Getting started in the game is as easy as downloading Time Princess from this link. Also, if you change the code “ANDRO4ALL“Within the game you can win in-game items valued at € 100. How can you exchange the code? Follow these steps:

  • Enter your profile picture
  • Give to “Others”
  • Give to “Change code”
  • Enter the code “ANDRO4ALL”
  • Enjoy the reward!

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