EA announces the end of support for its Tetris games for Android

With almost a decade on mobile platforms and having largely surpassed the 100 million downloads between titles tetris i tetris blitz, It seems that very soon we will have to say goodbye to the classic game -which already has almost 36 springs- at least officially on Android.

EA announces the end of support for its Tetris games for Android

He told us Android Police but the statement comes directly from EA Games, Owner of the rights to the franchise, who said goodbye to his enthusiasts announcing that Tetris leaves mobile platforms on April 21, 2020:

Hello fans,

We’ve had a fantastic trip with you so far, but sadly, it’s time to say goodbye. As of April 21, 2020, EA’s Tetris® games will cease to be supported and will no longer be available for play. Please note that you will be able to enjoy the game and use any existing items until the same day, April 21st. We hope you enjoyed many hours of this game and thank you for your continued support. Thanks!

Both the title tetris how tetris blitz have already disappeared from the Play Store and are inaccessible to new facilities, remaining for now in the terminals that already had the pre-installed applications and where they will be able to continue playing until April.

If it’s a classic title as important as Tetris, many thought Electronic Arts was going to release a new version, Updated in 2020 and with a more profitable monetization model, but nothing could be further from the truth because it looks like EA has lost interest in this title and will not renew your license.

EA announces the end of support for its Android Tetris games

The new Tetris experience will be one ‘Battle Royale’

For now it’s time to look at the developer N3TWORK, which already works with The Tetris Company to finish the next quintessential puzzle game experience, A game that will be called Tetris Royale and will bring a classic arcade like this to the experience online multiplayer battles.

The idea is to play multiplayer games in “all against all” mode, in which wins the last survivor of 100 players in the purest Fortnite or PUBG style, but fitting colorful pieces.

For now the new Tetris Royale is only available in some countries and in beta, No dates for its global release in stable versions. Those who have installed the APK say that it works without problems, but in any case and in case you want to keep track of it right here we leave your link to the Google Play Store:

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