Dragon Quest Walk equals Japan in Pokémon GO release

Almost at the level of Pokémon GO, which is called soon … This has been the Japanese premiere of Dragon Quest Walk, The augmented reality-based title of a Dragon Quest franchise that remains very popular in Japan, Where he has arrived exclusively for now his AR game.

Dragon Quest Walk equals Japan in Pokémon GO release

To show a button and to show raw numbers, and is that Dragon Quest Walk has achieved no more and no less than 1.7 million downloads in Japan alone, with $ 86 million in revenue in its first month and far surpassing such important and highly anticipated titles as Jurassic Park: Alive, The Walking Dead: Our World, or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

He told us VentureBeat realizing that AR games still have a long way to go in the industry, and is that the development of platforms like Google Arcore or Apple ARKit is getting a lot of resources from industry giants to enhance augmented reality-based applications for smartphones.

Dragon Quest Walk equals Japan in Pokémon GO release

Putting Dragon Quest Walk in context, comparison is necessary with a game like Pokémon GO, Has already become a social phenomenon since its birth almost globally, and it achieves an average income of $ 12 per download a lot less than $ 51 per Dragon Quest Walk download in Japan.

No one disputes this if the download throne in the title of Niantic, which in addition earns a total of $ 118 million a month surpassing by more than 30 percent in Dragon Quest Walk, which however was just born and it has not spread all over the world yet. What are the guys at Square Enix waiting for …?

How to play Dragon Quest Walk

In the new AR-based title of the Dragon Quest franchise you will get directly into the role of a hero within a role-playing game, Being able to participate in missions that you will find if you explore the Real World ™ using the geolocation of your device and its screen as an access point to the world with augmented reality.

Everything will be set in the Dragon Quest universe, and you can advance through the story by meeting other characters or discovering more content as you walk the world, Facing monsters in turn-based combat and using yourself thoroughly against all sorts of dangers.

for now we don’t have a global release date, And Square Enix still says nothing about a release that has been a huge success in Japan, but in international markets he will have to prove his ability to hook us as Ingress and Pokémon GO once did.

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