Disable an app on Android

When we acquire a new android device most of the time we find many applications installed, some by the manufacturing company and others more by the telephone company, this gives our menu a lot of space.

What to do in these cases? Many users turn to root Android in the team to be able uninstall apps, but others don’t want to modify their Android devices. In these cases, there is an option to disable apps that are not in use.

What is the deactivation option on Android?

With this option instead of uninstalling an app, you can freeze it, by making it not appear on your main screen or run in the background, so that it will not use any extra data or battery, this function is safe because it will not remove the app from your system, so if you have any issues you can reverse the process.

It is worth noting that this option appears in applications which are not essential for the system, so if you are performing the steps at the same time, do not be afraid to apply it.

How to use the disable option in Android

To use this option to disable an Android app, just follow these steps:

  • From the menu, open the settings section and go to the applications section
  • Now select the app you want to deactivate and press forced stop
  • Then press Deactivate and accept the warning that appears on the screen, the application has already been deactivated

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