Dead by Daylight arrives on Android this spring

Another game for Android in this 2020 and go … There are many games that will arrive this year on our favorite mobile operating system, but it is that with each passing day the list grows.

Dead by Daylight

This time it’s time to talk again about Dead by Daylight, one of the most popular multiplayer “horror” titles, with millions of active players and that will finally officially land on Android. Will you be able to survive the lethal killers who will chase you?

This spring get ready to not let go of your mobile with Dead by Daylight

If any of you still don’t know this fun game, it is a multiplayer title for five people. One of them will act as a murderer and the rest will have to flee from him. Each assassin has his own mechanics and abilities and will have to search all over the map for the four unfortunates whom he will have to hunt down and capture (or assassinate). The rest of the players will have to scramble to survive anyway.

Under this simple premise hides a really addictive game that has managed to fall in love with both critics and gamers, becoming one of the most popular and most watched games on streaming platforms like Twitch. Now luckily we can also enjoy it on the screen of our mobile.

Because Dead by Daylight will land on the Android operating system this spring as its developers have confirmed and media like Droid Gamers have resonated.

At the moment we can pre-register on their official website and the more users do, best rewards we will receive on the day of its release, As with War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

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As announced on the official website, Dead by Daylight will be a completely free mobile game but we assume that will have microtransactions, Both aesthetic and others that can help improve the progression of players.

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