Create an XBMC shortcut on Fire TV

Previously in Android Tutorial we show you how to download e instalar XBMC on your device Amazon Fire TV

WARNING: this tutorial is no longer valid. This corresponds to the year of its publication, but later, Amazon unfortunately eliminated the mechanism by which this trick could be performed.

If you’ve followed the tutorial, this media app is already in your Fire TV’s apps list.

But it can only be activated from the settings section, where this list is available.

Fortunately, there is an app called Llama Which will allow install a shortcut to XBMC (or Kodi, as it’s called now) on the main screen and in the recent apps area.

How does Llama work on Fire TV?

Llama is an app that can be used to enter custom rules on Fire TV (and all android device) which will trigger small actions based on certain guidelines.

One of these actions can be to open a certain app when the user chooses ANOTHER app.

In order for Llama to open XBMC or Kodi from the main screen, you must first install another application: this one in itself will not do you any good; The only thing we’ll need is for it to appear “legally” on your Fire TV’s main screen.

How to install Llama and create the shortcut to XBMC?

Here are the necessary steps to install llama and activate the XBMC opening process:

  • Enter the Amazon store and download the app Classic tv
  • Now download Llama and install it on your device (you can check the previous tutorial on how to do it)
  • Once Llama is installed, run it from Settings> Applications> Manage all applications
  • You will now create a new action from “NEW EVENT“, Then you will add a new condition by selecting”NEW CONDITION“And then write”Active application
  • Then click on “CHOOSE THE APPLICATION“And scroll down to” Classic TV “, confirm it
  • Then select “ADD AN ACTION“And then in”RUN THE APPLICATION“Search for XBMC
  • Once you have these actions you will see the action created in Llama

It’s also easy to install and activate Llama to create an XBMC shortcut on FireTV

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